9 Basic Calculation Use in Google Adword

9 Basic Calculation Use in Google Adword 

9 Basic Calculation Use in Google Adword

 It's important to know how we spend money online in PPC and how to measure the sucess or failure of our Paid Campaign. In this article,I will teach you how to do different calculation in google adword to calculate CTR , CPC , CPA ,ROI ,Clicks , Impression ,Total Budget , Leads , Lead Rate,Ad Rank.

Below there are 10 simple formulas that will help you understand how Adwords costs are calculated and measured:-

 Lets Do It

❶ How to Find Impression (Search) in google adword.?

Formula:- Clicks x 100


 ❷ How to Calculate Clicks in google adword.?

  Formula:- Impression x CTR

How to Calculate Leads (Conversion) in google adword.?

 Formula:- Lead Rate x Clicks

How to Calculate CTR in google adword.?

Formula:-   Clicks  x 100

How to Calculate Leads Rate in google adword.?

Formula:- Leads x 100

How to Calculate Average CPC in google adword.?

Formula:- Total Cost

How to Calculate Total Cost in google adword.?

Formula:-Clicks x Avg.CPC

How to Calculate Total Revenue in google adword.?

Formula:- Revenue per lead x Leads

How to Calculate Ad Rank in google adword.?

Formula:-  CPC Bid x Quality Score

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