How CNC Works & Use of CNC Machines

How CNC Works & Use of CNC Machines

How CNC Works & Use of CNC Machines
Computer numeric control (CNC) is a computer assisted process to control general purpose of machine form instruction generated by a protocol and stored in a memory system or storage media like disc,card etc. for present use as well as future use.

Controlling Machines by numeric commands has brought about a revolution in manufacturing CNC can be adopted to any kind of machine or process that required human intelligence.this text deals directly with CNC Milling Center ,Boring Machine & Grinding Machines.

CNC is specific foam of controlling system,where position is the principle controlled variable numerical value representing desired position of tools symbolic information corresponding in some secondary function are recorded  in some forms like Tape,disc,Networking etc.where information cab be stored & received hard drives,recorder and other convertor transform this information into signals that ultimately operated servo mechanism on each asix (X,Y,Z) of the machines where motion are to be controlled.

CNC was original applied to metal working,machinery like    lathe,drilling,boring machines etc.It has also expended other area of metal working including application in robotics,gear cutter,broaching machines,tube bender,electro mechanical machines,flame cutting,welding machines.CNC also used for inspection,drafting system,electronic assembly machines,laser cutting,wood working machines,garment cutting,equipment & printing machines.

Objective of CNC Machines

❶ The Primary basic objective for the application of CNC to metal working operation was to reduce  the  cast for the the production machined component.

❷ Cost Reduction

❸The objective has been achieved by CNC by reducing programming time increasing operation capabilities od the Numeric Control System in place & making the machining process more user friendly.

❹ CNC also achieved this by reducing machining time,fixture cost & tool storage,increasing cutter life & lowering the skill required to automatically produce precision machine component

❺The other advantage include substantially reduce setup time increasing product uniformity and overall reduction of other cost .

❻CNC has enabled accurate estimation of the production process ,historically CNC permitted more efficient stop scheduling exact cost ,production time ,facilities  & utilize and o more rapid return on equipment ,investment,compared with less sophisticated machine control technique or manual operation.

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