iphone 8 news and updates

iphone 8 news and updates

iphone 8 news and updates

Apple's grip on the smart phone market remains strong, partly thanks to Samsung's exploding Note 7 disaster, but there's Plenty of room for advancement as we cross the threshold of 2017 and begin looking towards the next iPhone.

Logic would dictate that apple calls its next iphone the ,S7 as it comes after the 7,S6,6,5s and so on.2017 Marks the tenth anniversary of the first iphone ,which was announced in January and went on sale june.How about iphone 10?,or the iphone X? or may be apple will take a leaf out of its own book and call it ,New iphone release date is probably September 2017.

Apple has dipped its toes into birthday promotions before, most notably with the twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, sold in 1997 to mark the provider's 20th birthday, so the 10-year anniversary iPhone is not entirely off the table.

If iphone 7 still uses an aluminum casing in 2016,it will be the fifth year in a  row that iphone has  done so,which means there is no longer a feeling of freshness to appeal to consumer, A lot of apples competitors are also adopting aluminum casing ,which mean iphone no longer has a clear edge due to a Lack of differentiation.A persistent rumour circulating since before the iphone 7 saw even announced claims at least one version of the 2017 iphone will feature a curved display similar to that  featured on the Samsung galaxy 7s Edge.

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