What New In Android O Updates

What New In Android O Updates

What New In Android O Updates
While the version of Nougat was a bustle fairly update from android marshmallow, When it comes to noticeable user interface changes android 2017 changes a lot. unlike android Nougat 17 has introduced a notable visual changes to the operating system meaning there’s definitely enough to asleep those how like new things .

First and foremost when developers follow suit till name that all app icons have a uniform and size. You will not need to install something like Nova Launcher only to get all of your application icon be of the same size.

Another big change at least in the google pixels launcher is that the app redraw is no longer accessed byTapping a dedicated icon on the screen instead you pull it upwards from the app dock which because the app redraw icon is no longer there ,has space for a fifth app.Its also throw nothing that some of these app icons have built in shortcuts so you can tap and hold them and bring up various quick actions.

That means app icons conversation bubbles in messenger and even the settings menu itself change to allow more or less space. It is activated, and deactivated, by simply pressing and holding the latest applications button.

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